Activate, manage, and configure user and company accounts in Inperium.


Managing account settings

Navigate to the Account settings dashboard to configure common tenant settings such as your company details, users and role, and billing details.

Inviting new users

Add new users and grant access to Inperium products.

Assigning roles

With roles, you can delegate access to Inperium data and features depending on the user's role in the company.

Managing subscriptions, quotas, and balance

Review Inperium products you have access to, manage plans, check remaining quotas and balance.

Updating billing details

Keep billing contact details and payment method up-to-date to ensure you get invoices for Inperium services on time.

Updating company information

Your clients see your company name on the quotes and invoices you create in Inperium. Keep your company name, address, and other details up-to-date.

Generating API keys

Create API keys and build integrations with the apps you already use for your business operations.

Deleting Inperium account

Inperium enables you to delete a company account and all related data. Consider contacting our customer care specialists before deleting your account.