Deleting Inperium account

Consider contacting our customer care specialists before deleting your company account.

Irreversible action! Only Inperium administrators can delete your company account within Inperium.

If you’re looking for a way to delete a user account, see Users.

Deleting a company account is the final step when you are ready to move away from Inperium. Please note that this action cannot be undone. Deleting your company account cancels all your Inperium subscriptions and deletes all user and tenant data. To remain fully compliant with GDPR, Inperium deletes all data related to a removed tenant from its data centers and internal services.

Consider keeping your account

You can keep your company account with Inperium as long as you want. It’s free of charge. Without an active subscription, you won’t have access to Inperium apps except for the Account dashboard. You can convert to being a paying customer and regain access to Inperium products at any time.


  • Downgrade to a smaller subscription plan
  • Cancel subscription to one or several Inperium products
  • Contact our sales team

Deleting a company account

Don’t lose your company data––learn how to Export Inperium Sell data.
  1. In Inperium Account, navigate to the Deleting account page.
  2. Select Delete this account and all data.

What happens next?

Access to your tenant account, Inperium products, and associated data will be blocked immediately for all your users.