Generating API keys

Create API keys and build integrations with the apps you already use for your business operations.

Only Inperium admins can create API keys. Make sure you have administrative permissions.

What is an API key?

API key is an authentication method that allows access to Inperium data through our public API. Let’s say, the users log in with email and password. Add-ons and integrations use API keys to authenticate. Typically, an API key looks like a long password phrase. Just like users, each API keys have permissions associated with them. API keys have expiration dates and cannot be used once they expire.

Software engineers leverage these keys when creating API integrations with third-party products. For example, with a help of API they can automatically feed data to Inperium.

API keys and API are technical concepts. Don’t worry, software engineers are familiar with these terms. Additionally, we’ve got the Developer’s hub with all the necessary information about our API and integrations.

Generating API keys

  1. In Inperium Account, navigate to Account and then API keys.
  2. Select Add API key.
  3. Specify its name.

  4. Share the key you created with your development team.
Inperium doesn’t store the API key you generated, just its prefix. Make sure you copy it before closing the pop-up.

Managing API keys

You can review keys at any moment — select a key to inspect permissions associated with it.

You can’t modify the key or see the key phrase. If you need to update the key, delete it and create a new one.

When you delete a key or, once it expires, the add-ons and integrations leveraging this key will no longer be able to access Inperium through Inperium API.

API keys