Managing subscriptions, quotas, and balance

Review Inperium products you have access to, manage plans, and check remaining quotas and balance.

Navigate to Account settings / Subscriptions & Billing center to learn more about your current plan, upcoming payments, and remaining quotas.

Only Inperium administrators have access to the tenant account settings such as billing and user management.

Understanding your subscriptions

The Subscriptions section lists all active plans and various add-ons such as unlimited domestic calls for Inperium Talk. The list varies depending on the Inperium products you use.


To help you understand subscription billing better, here are points to consider:

  • The Inperium Sell subscription is user-based. The total price is calculated pro-rata user seats. Whenever you invite a new user to Inperium Sell, your subscription gets updated automatically.
  • The subscription to Inperium Talk consists of a flat fee that doesn’t depend on the number of users and an additional fee per user and per phone number.
  • You can add packages and service options for an upcharge. For example, a toll-free number or two XLarge minute packs.

Reviewing your subscriptions

Learn more about upcoming payments, including:

  • Next payment date - the date you’ll be charged for Inperium services.
  • Сount - the number of user licenses or packages or other extras you’ve signed up for.
  • Unit price - the fee with the payment timeframe.
  • Price - the total price calculated based on the number of units, with the payment timeframe.

Updating your subscription

Select Make changes next to a subscription you want to modify. For example, you can opt-in for a bigger package or add more user licenses.

In case you have a question or you are looking for a way to downgrade, select Contact sales.

Checking remaining quotas

Keep track of minutes left in your quota and other limits included in your subscription. Under the Subscriptions section, you’ll see the charts with the remaining quotas. For each quota, you’ll see the current balance and the date the quota is going to reset.

Maintaining a positive balance

The cost of some Inperium services, such as calls, is deducted from your balance. Thus, to reserve access to such features, you should keep a positive balance at all times.

To check your balance, navigate to the Balance section.

To automatically top up the balance when it drops below a certain value, specify the baseline amount and the sum to recharge. For example, top up $50 every time the balance falls under $20.