Managing account settings

Navigate to the Account settings dashboard to configure common tenant settings such as your company details, users and roles, and billing details.

Only Inperium administrators have access to the tenant account settings.

Account settings

API keys

API key is an authentication method that enables access to Inperium data through API endpoints. On this page, you can generate API keys for your custom integrations with Inperium. For more information, see Generating API keys.

Subscriptions and billing

Specify a payment method and the person to send invoices to. For more information, see Updating billing details.

See when the next payment is due, check your remaining quotas and the number of user licenses in use. For more information, see Managing subscriptions, quotas, and balance.

Company information

Provide general information about your business, including company name, address, domain. Additionally, you can specify a default timezone and language. For more information, see Updating company information.

Users, roles, and teams

Grant users access to Inperium products included in your subscription. Select Invite and add some basic details about the user, such as a full name, the products this user has access to. They will get an invitation and can start working with Inperium right away. For more information, see Inviting new users.

Assign roles and limit access to data depending on the user’s role in your company. Go to Creating and assigning roles to learn how to tailor roles to your organization’s needs.

Organize users into teams to share access to common resources and track mutual progress. See Managing teams.