Updating billing details

To make sure the invoices are issued correctly, provide your billing details and keep your payment method up-to-date.

Only Inperium admins have access to the tenant account settings such as billing and user management. If you don’t have administrative permissions, quick access links to these actions will be hidden from view.

To continue using Inperium after the trial period is over, add your payment method and authorize Inperium to charge you for the services. We’ll send you an email when the trial is about to expire.


Follow the link in the email or select Update payment details on the main Inperium Account page.

Updating billing contact

In the Billing contact section, provide:

  • company details such as the legal company name, EIN, and full company address
  • contact details to issue the invoice to
The details you enter will be displayed in the billing statement along with Inperium Corp. legal details.

Updating payment method

To be charged automatically, add your company’s preferred payment method. Select Update payment method and enter credit card or SEPA debit card details.

Depending on your subscription plan, Inperium will typically bill you every month or on a yearly basis.