Creating email templates

Speed up communication with email templates. Create resusable content for introductory, follow-up, or any other recurrent emails.

Do you ever find yourself typing the same email while reaching out to each new client? Inperium Sell enables you to automate and speed up your sales workflows with custom templates.

Prepare a template — a reusable piece of text that you can send over and over again. Templates are useful if you are looking for a way to save your time and want to sound professional.

Ideas for templates

  • Intro emails
  • Follow-up emails
  • Call reminders
  • Meeting invitations
  • Customer surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Notifications
  • Payment updates
  • Out-of-the-office notes

Creating a template

  1. Navigate to and then select Templates.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Compose a template. You can add content, images, etc. just like in any regular email.
  4. Choose a name for your template and then Save it.

Creating a new template