What is the Message Center?

Communicate with your clients and peers right in the app. Inperium Sell unifies channels and helps you reply to customers in one click.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Message Center pretty much resembles any mail client you are familiar with. But it’s so much more than that. The Message Center comprises multiple communication channels on the same page, right in the Inperium Sell. It means you’ll no longer need to switch among different mail clients and the CRM to follow along with your deals.

The Message Center

On top of that, the Message Center tightly integrates with the rest of Inperium Sell features and has all relevant links in quick access. For example, your client’s card or deal is just one click away.

Try out these features

  • Once you get a message from a new prospect, you can create a contact record right from the Message Center.
  • Add links to companies, contacts, or deals to your messages. Switch between a message and records.
  • Create templates to answer messages even faster. See Templates for more details.

Activity timeline

Messages linked to a specific deal or contact appear in its Activity timeline. You can also write new messages and follow-ups right from the record. Inperium Sell will send these emails and threads in the Message Center.