Managing phone numbers

Connect existing phone numbers to Talk or configure new virtual numbers.

The Phone numbers page gives you an overview of your assets and their assignment. You’ll see how many numbers you’ve got at your disposal, their location, and employees they are assigned to.

Adding new phone numbers

Start by creating a collection of unassigned phone numbers. Inperium enables you to buy as many numbers as you need on the fly. Select Purchase new number and configure its settings. You’ve got the option to choose the country and the area code, or set it as toll-free if necessary.

Purchasing phone numbers

The numbers you’ve purchased will appear in the list.

Phone numbers

Porting an existing phone number

Please contact Inperium Support for assistance.

Assigning phone numbers

Before you can start using a phone number, you should bind it to a user or auto receptionist first.

Learn how to invite your team.

Select the number from the list and configure its settings:

  • The phone number name
  • The address
  • Assignment — pick a user from the list to bind this number to a salesperson. Alternatively, select an auto receptionist or keep it unassigned.

Releasing a phone number

To stop using a phone number, select in the list, go to its card, and select Release phone number.