How to update a plan?

Choose the plan that fits your business both in terms of features and price. Switch between the plans, upgrade to more advanced plans, or downgrade whenever necessary.

Upgrading plans

As your company grows, you can always switch to a bigger plan to get access to more advanced features and update your usage limits such as the number of mailboxes you can connect to a user account or the number of available roles.

To upgrade to a bigger plan

  1. Go to Inperium Account and select the Discover products link.
  2. On the page that opens, select Upgrade plan next to the Inperium product.
  3. Compare plans and then select Upgrade plan.
  4. Review the changes you are about to make and confirm them. We’ll recalculate your payments proportionally.

Downgrading plans

Willing to save on costs? No worries! Select the plan that fits you better and contact our Support team to initiate the downgrade procedure.