We value your trust and take things seriously when it comes to data security and integrity. We are committed to constantly improving the ways we protect your most valuable assets — operational data and personal data of your clients.


We use protected SSL certificates to secure connections between clients and our applications. Unencrypted HTTP connections are denied. The certificates we use come from a reliable source and are protected with modern cryptography algorithms.

GDPR compliance

Inperium is GDPR compliant meaning that we execute all required security and privacy protection controls.

Constant research and improvements

Our development team consists of IT pros who take security very dearly. One of the on-going tasks in our development process is security improvement. We spend extra time researching and covering the potential bottlenecks and attack spots.

Help us secure your data

Two-factor authentication

Enforce two-factor authentication for your users and especially administrators. Two-factor authentication is an effective way to protect your accounts and avoid identity theft. After entering a password as usual, the user has to input a disposable code sent to a mobile device. See Enable two-factor authentication for step-by-step instructions.

Role-based access

Set up role-based access to company data to avoid privilege misuse and sensitive data distribution. For example, in Inperium Sell, you can create as many roles as you need and limit access to data. See Roles for more information.


We encourage you to contribute your ideas and investigate security vulnerabilities. Feel free to contact your Customer Relationship team to get more details. The best researchers are eligible for a reward.