Measuring sales progress

Review the most important sales metrics — how many new leads were created and deals closed. Inperium Sell enables you to measure sales progress and assess performance.

On the Dashboard, you’ll find the New leads and Deals widgets. Here you’ll see how many new companies and contacts you added, and how the deals resolve.

New leads and deals

Interpreting results

See values for a current reporting period and compare them to a previous one.

Productivity tip

Obviously, not all the leads are willing to discuss the deal terms and not all the deals get successfully closed. The average ratio differs from company and company and depends on various factors such as the industry, marketing & sales strategies, and distribution schema.

Keep tabs on trends and see how they change over time. Depending on what your final goal is, adjust your sales model. For example,

  • You may invest heavily in attracting new customers. The number of deals will grow exponentially but the numbers of lost deals will be high as well.
  • You may opt to focus on just a few potential customers but make sure you win the deals.
Signs you’re doing great: The number of new customers grows, you create more deals. The number of won deals grows significantly while lost deals value remains the same or grow just a bit. These trends assure you that your sales strategy is effective as you engage more clients and close more deals.
Warning signs: You’ve got a lot of incoming leads but just a few deals get closed successfully.

Setting time periods

Inperium helps you compare your current statistics to a previous time period. For example, when you select August 10 to September 30 (52 days) as a reporting time period, Inperium will use the previous 52 days (June 19 - August 9) as a reference time period.

Setting the time period

Deals leaderboard for managers

Managers have an option to switch to team statistics and see the total deals count. On top of that, the managers can review to the Deals leaderboard.

Switching between personal and team statistics