Creating invoices

Once the quote is accepted, create invoices and share them with your clients.

Go to Accounting, select the Invoices tab, and then click Create. Alternatively, click + next to Invoices on the deal page.

Creating a new invoice

Complete the following fields:

  • Contact: to whom this invoice is addressed. Select a contact from the list.
  • Deal: all invoices should be linked to a specific deal. Select a deal from the list.
  • Date: the date when the invoice is issued. Pick a date from the calendar.
  • Due date: the date the invoice should be paid. Pick a date from the calendar.
  • Number: unique invoice number. Input the invoice name or number.
  • Products: items or services included in the deal. Click Add product and specify a product from the list. Then specify the quantity. You can add several products to the invoice.

Select + Create invoice.

What should you do next?

  • Review the invoice.
  • Send an invoice to your client — select Email.
  • Create a payment.