Logging payments

After the invoice has been issued, the client pays the balance. Now it's time to process the payment in Inperium.

Adding a new payment

  1. Locate the invoice you want to make a payment for, open its details and then select Make payment. Alternatively, go to the Payments tab and select Create.
  2. Select a payment method, for example, the credit card payment.
  3. Specify the invoice this payment applies to and the amount. If you create a payment from the invoice details, this field will be prepopulated. By default, Inperium will suggest the remaining balance but you can update the sum.
  4. Complete the date received.
  5. Check the payment status.

Payment options

Clients can opt for payment with:

  • Credit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • Cash

How to enable credit card payments? To receive credit card payments, enable integration with a service provider (e.g., Stripe). If you have administrative permissions, go to Settings / Integrations. Otherwise, ask your Inperium admin to help.