What is a win probability?

Examine your deal closure odds to organize your work more efficiently with Inperium Sell.

You might have noticed that a typical sales process looks like a funnel. For example:

  • a hundred potential customers inquire about our product
  • only fifty are satisfied with the price and quality
  • twenty out of fifty want to see the product
  • only ten people actually end up buying your product

Most commonly, potential customers lose interest in your offer in the early stages of deal negotiation. Those who proceed to the next steps in your sales pipeline seem more likely to purchase from you.

To help you better understand your sales flow, Inperium Sell introduced the win probability. It’s a percentage-based value that demonstrates the chances of sealing the deal. Typically, for the initial stages, the odds are low but they grow towards the final stages of your pipeline. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all your deals follow these rules nor that the win probability guarantees certain results. Yet it’s a helpful metric to assess your sales progress.

The win probability doesn’t guarantee successful deal closure and should be used for reference only.

Assessing deal win probability based on the stage

When you configure a new pipeline, you assign a win probability to each stage. Stick to your business knowledge to provide realistic estimates. As you move the deals along the pipeline stages, their win probability is updated automatically according to stage settings. To check a currently assigned probability, drill down to a deal record and see the Deal probability value.

Setting a custom deal probability

In some cases, the win probability for a deal is different from predicted. For example, even though the deal is still in the early stage, the customer has contacted you and ensured that they are serious about closing this deal.

In this case, you can set a custom win probability for this particular deal. To do it, navigate to the deal record, locate the Deal probability on the left and update a value. Now, when you move the deal further along the pipeline, its probability won’t change to match the stage value but remain the same as you set it.

Win probability and weighted revenue

The weighted revenue value displayed on the deal card hints at how much money you’ll probably get for this deal. It is determined based on the deal probability and the total sum for the products included in the deal.