What are the activities in Inperium Sell?

Plan your time and keep track of our business activities, such as calls and to-do lists with Inperium Sell. Leverage built-in activities or create custom activities that work for you.

Activity types

An activity is a reminder or a record of business interaction. With activities, you can plan your tasks, keep notes, and describe outcomes of business calls or meetings. You can either create activities for the future and then mark them as done or retrospectively log your past interactions with clients.

Additionally, Inperium logs activities such as a deal being created automatically and adds it to an activity timeline.

In Inperium Sell, you can create the following activities:

  • Calls
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Emails - provided that your mailbox is connected to the Message Center.

Each activity can be tied to a specific Inperium user, contact, company, or deal.

Activities dashboard

The Activities dashboard displays all activities you’ve ever created. On this page, you can add a new activity entry, review existing activities, and mark activities as done once you accomplish your goal.

Activity timeline

The activities bound to a certain company, contact, or deal, appear in their respective Activity timelines. For example, drill down to a contact card. The central pane represents a log of activities. There you can add new activities and review existing activities, including those that Inperium generated automatically.

Custom activities

Create custom activities to support your business workflows. Navigate to Settings / Activities. Once configured, custom activities can be created for your deals, contact, and companies.