If you are transitioning to Inperium Sell, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of data you have to transfer from your previous CRM. Import helps save your time.

There is no need to manually enter this data. With Import, you can upload your sales datasheets in just a few clicks. Inperium Sell enables you to import data related to companies, contacts, and deals at the same time. For your convenience, it automatically recognizes and links matching contacts and companies.

Navigate to and then proceed to Imports.

Only users with the administrator’s permissions can access Inperium Sell product settings.

Prepare your import file

In most cases, your previous CRM has the option to export data in CSV or XLSX format. Or maybe you are about to re-import data that you’ve exported from Inperium Sell before? Anyway, pay attention to:

  • The date format. It can be MM/DD/YYYY or MM/DD/YY.
  • The “Assigned user” property. You can populate it either with an Inperium user ID or a full name. The assigned user is the Inperium user — you or probably your colleague.
Interested in how import works? We’ve prepared a sample spreadsheet for you. Download the file and try uploading it to Inperium Sell. With this template, you’ll see how Inperium Sell maps your data and prepares sales infrastructure for you.


  1. Select Import.
  2. Choose the file for upload.
  3. Map columns to Inperium properties. On a preview, you’ll see the columns you have in your file. You’ll also see the values you have in the first row, just to help you understand your data. Inperium will suggest links between your columns and Inperium Sell properties. Alternatively, you can always pick a corresponding Inperium field yourself. Pay attention to what Inperium property you map the column to, for example, you can map a column to a company name or a contact name.
  4. Select Submit and please wait for Inperium to process your data, create records, and establish links.


As another option, you can import companies, deals, or contacts separately. To do it, go the Companies, Contact, or Deals page and select Import there.

Reviewing previous imports

You can always see your previous imports. For each import, you’ll see the number of companies, contacts, etc. created.