Inperium Talk

Connect with your customers and boost team communications with a cloud PBX phone system.


Getting started with Inperium Talk

The ultimate onboarding guide for Inperium Talk. You'll learn how to set up the phone system and make your first calls.

Buying a new phone number

Buy virtual numbers right in the Inperium Talk app and reach out to your clients and partners.

Looking for our mobile app?

Download the Inperium Talk app and start using it on your mobile devices.

Managing phone numbers

Connect existing phone numbers to Talk or configure new virtual numbers.

Forwarding calls

Call forwarding redirects incoming calls to another number. It's a handy option for when you are on vacation or during off-business hours as your clients will get proper assistance and service.

How much do the calls cost?

Find out more about call billing options.

Porting a phone number

Transfer your existing phone numbers to Inperium Talk.

How to change availability status?

With the help of availability statuses, you can notify your teammates that you are currently busy or, on the contrary, ready for a call.