How to check voicemail?

Check out the messages your clients left for you and promptly respond to their requests.

Navigate to the Voicemail page. On this page, you’ll see all voice messages left for you. Besides the ability to listen to messages, Inperium Talk provides the following information for each voicemail:

  • Whom the voicemail is addressed to (to you or an auto-receptionist)
  • Who left the voicemail
  • The duration of recording
  • When the voicemail was created

New voicemails are outlined with blue color.

Personal voicemail

If there is your name in the To column, the voicemail was addressed to you personally. It means someone called you and got forwarded to voicemail.

Auto-receptionist voicemail

If you an auto-receptionist operator, you’ll have access to the auto-receptionist’s voice mailbox along with other operators. You’ll see the auto-receptionist title in the To column.

How to access voicemail in a mobile app?

While in the Inperium Talk mobile app, navigate to Settings to browse your voicemails. Listen to, delete, or transcribe voicemails. Or rather return a call right away.