How to transfer a call?

Transfer calls to your colleagues without re-dialing a number.

For example, your client requires information from another business department. You can transfer a call to another customer care specialist to answer your client’s questions.

Transfering a call

  1. Put a call on hold before transferring it to another user.
  2. Select Transfer and then choose a warm or cold option.
  3. Dial a number and click the Exchange button.

Warm VS cold transfer

  • Cold transfer: once you click the Transfer button, you will be disconnected from the call, the call will be unheld automatically. You will no longer have control over the call. Your client will wait for your colleague to pick up a phone. If your colleague is unavailable at the moment, the call will be forwarded to voicemail.
  • Warm transfer: once you click the Transfer button, Inperium will dial your colleague’s number. While your client is still on hold, you can describe the case to your colleague. The moment you disconnect, the call will be put off hold automatically. Your client and colleague will continue a conversation. Alternatively, you can unhold a call manually — in this case, all three of you will hear each other.


  • Don’t select a cold transfer unless you are sure that your colleague is available for a call.
  • Use a warm transfer and hold the call when you want to provide your colleague with some background information about the call.