Reviewing your calls

See your recent calls, including incoming, outcoming, and missed calls.

Provided that you have a phone number assigned to you, on the Calls page you’ll see all calls you made and received. For each call, you can see participants, call duration, status, the date the call took place, and a recording if you made one.

If you have multiple phone numbers assigned to you, hover the mouse over your name to see the exact phone number you used to make or receive a call.

Inperium Talk administrators can see a call list for the entire team.

What is the status of the call?

While you can switch between Each call on this page has a status next to it. It describes the outcome of the call. Here is the list of possible statuses:

Status Description
Outgoing A successful outbound call. You made a call, your client picked up the phone.
Incoming A successful inbound call. Someone called you, you picked up the phone.
Canceled You made an outgoing call but finished it before your peer could pick up the phone, or an error occurred during the call.
No answer You made an outgoing call but your peer was unavailable.
Busy You made an outgoing call but the line was busy or a client rejected a call.
Declined You rejected an incoming call.
Missed You weren’t there to pick up the phone and missed the call completely.

What about conference calls?

If the call has two or more participants besides you, we consider it a conference. If someone picked the phone, we’ll set an outgoing status and highlight participants who rejected and missed the call with red color.