Forwarding calls

Call forwarding redirects incoming calls to another number. It's a handy option when you are on vacation or during off-duty hours as your clients will get proper assistance and service.

On the Phone numbers page, you can see all available phone numbers with their forwarding settings.

To set up forwarding:

  1. Drill down to phone number details.
  2. Scroll down to the forwarding settings.
  3. Toggle the Call forwarding.

Default or custom forwarding?

You’ve got two options:

  • To enable default forwarding provided it was configured in advance on the Settings page. The default settings are the same for all phone numbers the user has access to. Note, if you are Inperium administrator or you are granted Can managed product settings permission in Inperium Talk, you can turn on default call forwarding for any phone number available in Inperium Talk, yet the product will use the default settings configured by the phone number owner.
  • To configure forwarding unique to a phone number. In this case, specify a phone number to redirect the calls to, set up a timetable, and pick a timezone. Enable forwarding 24/7 or specify days of the week and exact time slots when the call should be redirected.