How to merge companies or contacts?

Join companies or contacts were added to the system twice. Inperium Sell enables you to merge their properties and create a combined object.

Let’s say you’ve been contacted by the company representatives twice and you created two records for the same company in Inperium Sell. To avoid further confusion, it’s better to merge these records. To it,

  1. Locate a company (or a contact) you want to merge with another object.
  2. Review the record and then select next to the object name and pick Merge.

Merging companies

  1. In the dialog that opens, specify a second object for merging.
  2. Compare data for each object and decide what you want to see in the result record. By default, in case of conflicts (e.g., different employee count in each record), the data from the first record wins over data from a second record. You can always select switch values.
  3. Select Save.
Upon saving, the data will be merged into a single record, the other record will be deleted. All objects associated with it (other companies, contacts, or deals) will be re-linked to the result record.