Exporting data

Inperium enables you to export your most valuable business assets: companies and contacts. For example, to keep a backup of your sales data or use it outside Inperium.

  1. Navigate the assets you want to export, e.g., to Contacts.
  2. Check the view that is active now. You can control what records to export, all or just a few. To export all records, select All contacts view.
  3. Select Export on top.
  4. Choose export options:

    • File format. Choose one of the following: CSV, XLS, XLSX, or PDF.
    • Properties. Choose All properties of the record to export records with all their properties, including those that are only visible on the individual cards. Choose Only properties diplayed in the view to export a list as it’s shown on the screen.

The export will take a while to complete. You will receive an email with a download link. Additionally, your export will be available on the Product settings / Exports page.

Information about attachments, deals, and quotes can’t be exported. Activities (tasks, emails, calls, etc.) aren’t exported either.