Filtering data

Inperium Sell is flexible — you can easily filter out data you are interested in. With filters, you can narrow down the list of companies (or contacts, or deals) to those you are searching for.

The more business assets you store with Inperium, the harder it is to browse them. Creating views with preset filters helps find records faster. For example, show the companies with a certain number of employees or annual revenue. You can add filters on the fly and save views to reuse later.

The filtering work the same way for companies, contacts, and deals.

Filters pane — what view is active at the moment?

On top of our records, you’ll see the ready-to-use views. Out of the box, there are two views available: All view and the My view that shows all companies (contacts, deals) or just those assigned to you accordingly.

Filtering on the fly

  1. Click + Add filter.
  2. Specify a property you want to filter records by. For example, you may want to filter companies by country.
  3. Choose filtering parameters. For example, you can specify an exact value to search for (e.g., a company name is Example Corp.) or a range (e.g., employee count is greater than 1,000).

Creating complex filters

You can add several filters and even filter groups. Select + Add filter again and specify the operator:

  • AND: Inperium will display records that comply with all filters at once. For example, search for companies that reside outside the US & Canada AND are retailers.
  • OR: Inperium will display records that comply with at least one filter. For example, search for companies that have more than 1,000 employees OR the annual review of more than $1,000,000.

Adding a filter

You can introduce filter groups to make more elaborate views. To add a filter within a group, select + sign. The groups are highlighted blue. Within the group and among groups, you can leverage both AND and OR operators.

For example, search for companies that either [reside outside the US & Canada AND are retailers] OR [are media companies].

Adding a complex filter

Saving a view

To reuse the filters you’ve just created, select Save view, choose new and provide a name. You can make the view public or reserved just for you. The view will be added to the upper pane. To instantly share a view, copy an URL and send it out to your colleague.