Sorting records

In Inperium, you can easily change the way companies, contacts, and deals are displayed.

On any page — Companies, Contacts, or Deals — you’ll see records and views. Besides filtering that allows you to show or hide certain records, you can sort records and change the overall appearance of the record list. Eventually, you can save this view.

The record list shows data about companies, contacts, and deals in a shortened format — just the data you’ll need for quick access and analytics. For example, for companies we’ll show you the company name, domain, industry, country, assigned user, etc. You can see more specific details such as LinkedIn URL, address, and others if you drill down to company details.

This feature works the same way for companies, contacts, and deals.

Sorting records

By default, the records are displayed in the order they were added. To sort records by a specific column, e.g., name or industry, click on the column name. The records will be rearranged in an alphabetical order. For example, try sorting company records by employee count.

Customizing columns

To remove columns you don’t want to see in a quick view, add other columns, or rearrange their order, select the gear icon in the right corner.