Getting started with Inperium Talk

The ultimate onboarding guide for Inperium Talk. You'll learn how to set up the phone system and make your first calls.

Inperium Talk is meant to be simple and powerful. There are no complicated settings and you can start making calls in one-two-three. If you’ve just started a trial, the Welcome page will help you navigate through the app. Be sure to check it out!

Step 1. Review a dashboard

The Dashboard page is a great place to start. Soon it will be full of valuable data—be sure to check it every now and then. You’ll see how many calls you made, the average call duration, etc. If you are a manager, you’ll see data for the entire team.

Step 2. Add a phone number

Inperium Talk is the Voice-over-IP calling system. You can connect multiple phone numbers to your account and call your clients right in the web browser.

To add a new phone number, navigate to the Phone Numbers page and select Purchase new number.

Purchasing phone numbers

Step 3. Make calls

Add your contacts to Inperium Talk to keep them accountable. On the Contacts page, you’ll see the list of your clients, while the Calls page gives you insights on your recent calls.

To make a call, select and pick a contact.

Step 4. Configure an auto-receptionist

While you are away, enable an auto-receptionist to get you covered. To configure settings, navigate to the Auto-Receptionists page and fill in your working hours and call routing.

Step 5. Download the app

Download the Inperium Talk to be available 24/7 even when you are not at your desk.