How to change availability status?

With the help of availability statuses, you can notify your teammates that you are currently busy or, on the contrary, ready for a call.

To set a status, in the mobile app, go to Settings and pick a status next to Availability.

  • Available is a default status. You can accept calls, SMSs, and call queue calls.
  • Invisible hides you from your teammates, but you can still accept calls, etc.
  • Do not disturb declines all incoming calls and forwards them to your voicemail. You can still receive messages in a silent mode. Select duration for the do not disturb mode. If set for a certain time, once this period is over, your do not disturb status will be waived.

Additionally, Inperium Talk sets the following statuses automatically:

  • In a call is displayed every time you are on the line unless you have the Invisible status turned on.
  • Offline is displayed when the app lost access to network, you logged out, or a device is turned off. This status notifies your teammates that you are unavailable and cannot receive calls.

The status you specify is displayed for you and your colleagues both in the app and in the web version.