Group messaging your contacts

Speed up communications and reach out to multiple contacts with ad-hoc group emails.

  1. On the Contacts page, select several contacts and specify Email.
  2. Compose an email. For ad-hoc group messages, leverage:

    • Templates: the ready-to-use emails. See Templates.
    • Variables: the placeholders that are replaced with actual contact details later. For example, the ‘first name’ variable will change to ‘Anna’ in the email addressed to the contact Anna Green. Variables make the email seem personal without any effort from your side.
    • Snippets: small reusable text blocks, e.g., greetings, terms. Anything you tend to retype over and over again. See Snippets.
  3. Select Preview emails to check messages before sending them. Click on the recipients’ names to see the emails they’ll receive.
  4. Send out emails. Inperium will send emails separately, contacts won’t see each other as recipients.
Connect your mailbox before sending group messages.