Creating deals

Create new deals in Inperium Sell and track your progress.

Navigation: go to Deals and then select + Create on the top.

Complete information about the deal:

  • Name: enter a name for the deal.
  • Pipeline: specify a pipeline from the list.
  • Stage: select the stage this deal is in at the moment.
  • Associate with company (optional): select a company name from the list.
  • Associate with contacts (optional): specify the contact person you work with.
  • Assign to user: specify the Inperium user from the list. By default, the deals you create are linked to your account. You can also create deals on behalf of other users.
Note: You can also import deals in bulk.

Once you add a new deal, you will be forwarded to its card where you can add more information, add quotes, invoices, etc.