Inperium Sell

Bring transparency to your process and speed up your sales cycle.


What is a deal?

Inperium Sell stores information about the deals you negotiate. A deal typically includes information about the items the prospect is interested in buying, contact details, and other business-related data.

Creating deals

Create new deals in Inperium Sell and track your progress.

Deal record

The deal record contains details, all deal-related activity as well as links to companies, contacts, quotes, and invoices.

Pipelines and stages

The pipeline is literally your sales process. The pipeline describes the stages the deal goes through before it gets closed.

What is a weighted revenue?

Weighted revenue forecasts your potential profits based on the deal win probability.

What is a win probability?

Examine your deal closure odds to organize your work more efficiently with Inperium Sell.

Adding products to the deal

The Products section lists goods or services included in your deal. These products can be added manually or taken from the quote.

What is a quote?

When you negotiate the deal terms, you come up with quotes — sales offers.

Creating quotes

Prepare professional-looking quotes with Inperium Sell and share them with your clients.

Working with quotes

Check out your next steps after you created a quote. For example, share quotes with your clients, clone or modify quotes.

How to share a quote?

Your clients don't automatically get the quotes you've prepared for them unless you send them. Share quotes with your potential customers to close deals faster.

What is the most relevant quote?

Inperium Sell enables you to create multiple quotes for a deal. While you can mark a certain quote as the most relevant, your clients can still decide which offer works better for them.

Accepting a quote

Accepting a quote is a final step in solidifying a deal success. The prospect agrees to the contract terms and is ready to proceed with the payment.