How to create an invoice?

Typically, creating an invoice in the next step when your client accepts a quote and agrees to the deal terms.

Three ways to create an invoice:

  • In the Payment Center: go to the Payment Center, select the Invoices tab, and then click Create to add a new invoice from scratch.
  • In a deal: click + next to the Invoices section.
  • Convert the accepted quote to an invoice. To do it, in a deal select next to an accepted invoice and select convert to invoice. In this case, Inperium Sell fills in some invoice fields for you, for example, the deal name, contact, products.

Adding payer’s information

For a new invoice, complete the reference section:

  • To: the payer of invoice. Select a contact from the list.
  • Address, City, State, Zip, Country, etc. (optional): once you select a contact, Inperium Sell will check if there is a company associated with this contact and pull company address details. If the contact isn’t linked to any company or the company doesn’t have any address information, Inperium Sell will populate the address fields with the contact person’s address. Feel free to overwrite the address if necessary.
  • Deal: each invoice must be linked to a specific deal. Select a deal from the list.
  • Invoice number: a unique invoice identifier. Input the invoice name or a number.
  • Invoice date: the invoice issue date for a customer. By default, the invoice is issued as of today but you can pick a date from the calendar.
  • Due date: the date by which the invoice should be paid. Pick a date from the calendar.

Adding products

  1. Click Add product, specify products, and add their quantity. Here, you can overwrite product names and prices.
  2. Add applicable taxes, discounts, and fees.

Setting up a payment plan (optional)

If your customer requests to pay the invoice in parts, you can create a payment schedule to cover the invoice due amount.

Inperium Sell can automatically calculate equal payments based on the number of installments. For example, pay $1000 over a course of five months, with a $200 monthly payment. Or you can create a custom schedule, for example, pay $1000 with an initial payment of $500 and then $100 each month.

Payment plans are optional. While you can always see the planned payments for each invoice on the Payment plans tab, this information is for reference only. Technically, your clients can pay the invoice in full or pay in parts as they prefer.

To set up a plan:

  1. Enable Payment plan.
  2. For an automatically calculated plan, select the number of installments, frequency, and payment method. Alternatively, select a custom plan and add installments manually.

Finalizing the invoice

Select Create invoice. You’ll be forwarded to the invoice page where you can review all details.

What should you do next?

  • Open an invoice in a new tab to see it as if you are your customer. To do it, select and pick Open in a new tab.
  • Send an invoice to your client as a link or by email. To do it, select and either pick Copy link or Send.
  • Process payments. To do it, click Make payment.
  • Edit or remove obsolete invoices as long as you haven’t collected any payments for these invoices.