What is the Payment Center?

Inperium Sell brings transparency to your payment operations. Create invoices and payment plans as well as keep track of processed payments.

The Payment Center dashboard organizes your payment-related data.

  • Invoices: bills you issue to customers based the deal
  • Payments: money transfers associated with invoices or contacts
  • Payment plans: upcoming payments as planned in the invoice terms, for reference only

The Payment Center is available starting with the Professional plan.


Go to the Payment Center and select the Invoices tab to create new or review existing invoices. For each invoice, you can see the following information:

  • Invoice number: a unique invoice number
  • Contact: the client associated with this invoice and deal
  • Date: the date the invoice was issued
  • Due date: the date by which the invoice must be paid
  • Paid: the amount the client has paid so far
  • Due: the remaining balance to be paid before the due date
  • Total: the amount issued in the invoice
  • Status: the state the invoice is currently in, such as Paid, Overdue, or Open

Drill down to an invoice to see more details, check completed payments, and make new payments.


Go to the Payments tab to see the payments associated with invoices or contacts and create new payments.

  • Contact: the client who made a payment
  • Amount: the exact amount paid. Note that clients may opt to pay for services in parts and split the invoice into several payments.
  • Invoice number (optional): the invoice associated with this payment
  • Date: the date the payment was made
  • Payment method: how the funds got transferred
Important: Please note that payments made in cash, via wire transfers, or with checks do not appear in Inperium Sell automatically. When a client pays the balance, you should manually add payment to the system.
To receive credit card payments, proceed to Product settings - Integrations to set up an integration with Stripe or register a Stripe terminal.

Payment plans

Proceed to the Payment plans to see upcoming payments as scheduled in invoices.

The planned payments list and payment dates are for reference only. Customers can make payments for any amount and on any date.
  • Invoice number: the invoice reference number
  • Amount: the amount the customer is supposed to pay
  • Payment method: the recommended payment method for a customer
  • Payment date: the date the payment is scheduled
  • Contact name: the client associated with the invoice and deal

To check payments for a specific invoice, click on the planned payment to proceed to invoice details.