To support your business workflows, Inperium can be integrated with third-party service providers.

Only account administrators and users with “can manage product settings” permission can access the Inperium Sell product settings. Other users can only manage their personal settings.

Settings in Inperium Sell

For example, you can use Xero to create professional-looking invoices and Stripe to receive and send payments. The list of integrations keeps evolving.

Proceed to Product settings / Integrations page. There you can see the integrations enabled so far or click Visit app marketplace to browse more integrations.

Enabling integration

  1. Select Visit app marketplace.
  2. Specify an integration from the list and select Connect now.
  3. Complete the form — authorize Inperium to interact with the service.

Creating your own integrations

Inperium empowers you to create custom-built integrations using Inperium public API.