Inperium Sell

Bring transparency to your process and speed up your sales cycle.


Managing product settings

You can customize Inperium Sell to match your business workflows and needs. Product settings help you manage company-wide settings such as pipelines, products, and branding.


Create custom activities to support your business workflows.


Inperium enables you to customize the app look & feel to match your corporate brand.

Deals settings

Set a revenue goal to track how good your team is doing.

Email inboxes

Inperium Sell enables users to sync their inboxes with the product. It's much faster and easier to answer emails right in the Inperium app.

Email logging settings

Fine-tune email logging settings, for example, specify mailboxes and domains to be exempt from showing up in the Activity timeline.

Email tracking settings

Collect statistics and learn when your clients open emails you've sent them, when reply to them, or click the links.


Back up your data and export it to other tools.


Inperium Sell enables you to import data related to companies, contacts, deals, and products. It recognizes data in your datasheets and matches it with the fields in the products.


To support your business workflows, Inperium can be integrated with third-party service providers.

Pipeline settings

The pipeline describes the stages the deal goes through before it gets closed.


The product is any item or service you offer to your clients. Inperium Sell enables you to add as many products as you need.


On this page, you can see the list of properties for Inperium objects, such as deals or contacts. Developers may leverage this data when creating integrations with the Inperium app.

Quotes settings

On this page, you can customize quotes.


Snippets are reusable text blocks you can insert practically everywhere in Inperium Sell.


Create reusable email templates to speed up communication with your clients.