Pipeline settings

The pipeline describes the stages the deal goes through before it gets closed.

Only account administrators and users with “can manage product settings” permission can access the Inperium Sell product settings. Other users can only manage their personal settings.

Settings in Inperium Sell

Proceed to Product settings / Pipelines.

What is a pipeline?

The pipeline is your sales process broken down into milestones. For example, “initial lead”, “negotiating”, and “contract sent”.

When users process deals, they change deal statuses and move them along the pipeline. With pipelines, you can see at what stage the deal is at any moment. On the Deals page, you can filter deals by stages and even see them on a board.

Administrators create and customize pipelines, add or remove stages, rearrange their order, etc. It’s all about tailoring Inperium Sell to your business workflows.

Pipeline with deals

Pipelines and stages help you assess the deal closure success. Each stage has a win probability assigned to it — the further in a pipeline the stage is, the more chances to win the deal. For example, the deal in the initial stage has a small win probability since the terms haven’t been negotiated yet. At the stage when the contract has been sent, the win probability is high.

Creating a pipeline and stages

  1. Select Create and provide a pipeline name.
  2. In the pipeline, select Add a stage.
  3. Add the stage name and its win probability.

You can always rearrange the stage order or change the win probability.

We recommend creating two final stages: one for a won deal (with probability set to Won) and the other for a lost deal (with Lost probability).