What is an IVR menu?

Use the interactive voice response (IVR) system to transfer calls and streamline your business communications.

IVR systems help reduce the load on your “tier 1” personnel who handle incoming calls. Your receptionists answer fewer calls; your clients spend less time waiting for their turn to get their questions sorted.

Inperium Talk enables you to create interactive scripts for your auto-receptionists. You can start with something as simple as “For English, press one. For German, press two” and forward these calls to corresponding employees. An audio prompt you provide as an introduction should clearly state all available options.

After listening to your audio prompt, users specify a digit that is configured to a certain action.

Options for your IVR menus

  • Forward to user
  • Forward to auto-receptionist
  • Forward to call queue
  • Route to a user voicemail
  • Route to an auto-receptionist voicemail
  • Repeat audio prompt

Options for ‘no action’

Preparing a workaround is essential for situations when a caller doesn’t choose an action in the IVR menu. In this case, you can specify the number of times the audio prompt repeats and an option:

  • Repeat the audio menu
  • Forward to auto-receptionist voicemail
  • Forward to a user
  • Disconnect