Inperium Talk

Connect with your customers and boost team communications with a cloud PBX phone system.


What is an auto-receptionist?

Streamline your communications with the Inperium auto-receptionist and never miss another call.

Configuring an auto-receptionist

Support your call management workflows and configure a digital assistant for your specific case.

What are the receptionist's business hours?

Configure your operation hours and enable auto-receptionist to get you covered whenever you are away.

What is an IVR menu?

Use the interactive voice response (IVR) system to transfer calls and streamline your business communications.

How to create multi-level auto-receptionists?

Create nested auto-receptionists with IVR menus to support advanced call routing.

How to see auto-receptionist voicemails?

Operators can listen to messages forwarded to the auto-receptionist's voicemail.