Configuring a call queue

Set up call queue logic to manage incoming calls in a smart way.

To configure a new call queue, navigate to Call Queues and select + Add.

Call queue name and communication setup

Provide a title for a call queue, for example, “Support line” and select the phone numbers. All incoming calls to these numbers will be placed in a queue.

Operator setup

  • Specify Operators — Inperium users who will be in charge of the incoming calls.
  • Choose how the calls should be distributed:
Option Description
Simultaneous All operators who aren’t on a call now receive a call at the same time. The first one to pick up the phone will talk to a client.
Sequential In this case, operators have a strict order in which they handle calls. An incoming call always goes to operator A first. If they don’t answer or are busy, then the call goes to operator B. The operator’s order is defined in the Operators section.
Rotating The calls are forwarded to operators not in a specific order but rather to ensure the workload is distributed evenly.
Longest idle The call goes first to an operator who has been idle for the longest since their last call. For example, the call will go to operator B who was on a call 10 minutes ago instead of operator A who finished a call just two minutes ago.
  • Set up Wrap up time in seconds. It’s a short break an operator can take before answering the next call.

Queue setup

  • Specify the business hours as operating 24/7 or configure a schedule. For a set hours schedule, pick a time zone and then toggle the days of the week you want the call queue to operate. For each day, specify the operating hours.
  • Limit the number of calls in a queue — set the value in a Max queue. If the number of pending callers reaches the limit, anyone else calling your company phone number will hear a busy tone.
  • Set the maximum waiting time in seconds in the Queue timeout. If operators are still busy and cannot answer a call, the caller will hear the Queue timeout audio and then the call will end.
  • You can enable your customers to request a call back instead of making them for their turn on a line. Set the Call back toggle to On and specify a shortcode in the Call back digit. In due time, both an operator and a client will receive a call.

Audio prompts

  • Choose the Audio prompt voice. Inperium will use this voice to vocalize the texts.
  • In the Greeting section, enter the introduction text such as “Hi, thanks for contacting us”.
  • In the Waiting for operator section, enter the text informing callers that all operators are currently busy and will get back to them in a few seconds.
  • Specify the audio file to be played during waiting. You can upload music to the audio library, record or generate speech.
  • In the Queue timeout section, provide a text explaining that the call is about to finish.
  • In the Call back suggestion and Call back confirmation sections, provide texts that advise clients to request a callback instead of waiting on for an operator to reply.
  • Provide a text the clients will hear in case they call during Non-operating hours.