Configuring a call queue

Set up the call queue logic to manage incoming calls in a smart way.

To configure a new call queue, navigate to Call Queues and select + Create.

Call queue name

Provide a title for a call queue, for example, “Support line”. It will help distinguish this call queue from others.

Phone numbers and extensions

  • Associate a call queue with one or several phone numbers. All incoming calls to these numbers will be placed in a queue. Select phone numbers from the list. If the list is empty, consider buying a new phone number. See How to buy a new phone number? for more information.
  • Additionally, you can specify an extension for your main company phone number that will lead to a call queue. An extension code should include three to six digits, e.g., 000 or 555111.

Call queue setup

  • Make your call queue sound professional - add audio prompts to keep your callers engaged while they are waiting for their turn in a queue. You can specify files from the Audio Library, upload, or generate new audios. Make sure to add a greeting message, an interactive message to listen to while a caller is in a queue, and music to entertain a caller while waiting.
  • Avoid unreasonable long processing time - set the max queue wait time and the max queue size. If the wait time or queue size is exceeded, the caller will get forwarded to a voicemail or a callback option. For both settings, provide explanatory audio.
  • Provide your customers with an option to contact you if they can no longer wait in the line - configure the callback option. If a caller requests a callback, they will be dropped off the phone, Inperium Talk will automatically call them when it’s their turn in a queue. If the callback option is disabled, callers can leverage the call queue voicemail. Provide explanatory audios for these options.

Operating hours

  • Specify active hours when a call queue is on. By default, the call queue operates Monday - Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Set a different timetable by specifying active hours for each day of the week. Any incoming call outside active hours gets automatically forwarded to a voicemail. Alternatively, you can mark the call queue as operating 24/7.
  • Pick the timezone where your call queue resides.
  • Provide an explanatory audio message for clients calling during non-operating hours. Any call during off-duty hours are forwarded to a call queue voicemail.

Operator setup

  • When configuring a call queue, set up the order in which operators receive calls. Configure the call distribution method:
Option Description
Simultaneous All operators who are available now receive a call at the same time. The first one to pick up the phone will talk to a client.
Sequential Operators have a strict order in which they handle calls. An incoming call always goes to operator A first. If they don’t answer or are busy, then the call goes to operator B. The operator’s order is defined in the Operators section.
Rotating The calls aren’t routed to operators in a preset order but in way to ensure the workload is distributed evenly.
Longest idle The call goes first to an operator who has been idle for the longest since their last call. For example, the call will go to operator B who was on a call 10 minutes ago instead of operator A who finished a call just two minutes ago.
  • Allow your operators to have a short break between calls - set up the wrap-up time. Operators typically use this time to finish entering notes about the previous call and get ready for a new call.
  • Specify Operators — Inperium users who will be in charge of the incoming calls. A call queue cannot operate unless there is at least one operator assigned to it.