How are the calls distributed?

Decide on how operators will handle calls and in what order. Inperium offers four call distribution techniques for your call queues.

Option Description
Simultaneous All operators who are available now receive a call at the same time. The first one to pick up the phone will talk to a client.
Sequential Operators have a strict order in which they handle calls. An incoming call always goes to operator A first. If they don’t answer or are busy, then the call goes to operator B. The operator’s order is defined in the Operators section.
Rotating The calls aren’t routed to operators in a preset order but in way to ensure the workload is distributed evenly.
Longest idle The call goes first to an operator who has been idle for the longest since their last call. For example, the call will go to operator B who was on a call 10 minutes ago instead of operator A who finished a call just two minutes ago.