Adding products to the deal

The Products section lists goods or services included in your deal. These products can be added manually or taken from the quote.

When you create a deal, its Products section is empty. First things first, add products to the deal to initially estimate the deal value. Later on, when you add quotes, the products included in these quotes will overwrite the products you chose originally.

Adding products

  1. Select + Add in the Products section.
  2. Select products from the list, change quantity, and add applicable taxes and discounts you want to offer.
  3. Save the product list or select Create quote to start preparing a quote for your prospect.
In Inperium Sell, only administrators can create new products. Nonetheless, when adding a product to the deal, you can overwrite its name, description, change price, and add discounts.

Products section


  • If you create several quotes, the Products section will show the products from the relevant quote.
  • If a quote has been accepted, its contents will be listed in the Products section. Products in the agreed-upon quote can’t be modified.