Adding products to the deal

The Products section shows articles or services included in your deal.

When you create a deal, its Products section is empty. First things first, add products to the deal to initially estimate the deal value. Later on, when you add quotes, the products included in these quotes will overwrite the products you chose originally.

In Inperium, only users with the administration permission can create new products. If you aren’t an administrator and you don’t see a specific product in the list, contact your Inperium admin.

Adding products

  1. Select + next to the Products section.
  2. Select products from the list, change quantity, and add applicable taxes and discounts you want to offer.
Tip: Before saving the product list, select Create quote to start preparing a quote right away.

As a result, the products will be added to the deal.

Products section

Deal value

Inperium Sell calculates the deal value to help you prioritize deals and predict how close you are to reaching your sales goal.

Deals with deal values


  • If you create several quotes, the Products section will show the products from the relevant quote.
  • If a quote has been accepted, its contents will be listed in the Products section. Products in the agreed-upon quote can’t be modified.