What is a weighted revenue?

Weighted revenue forecasts your potential profits based on the deal win probability.

In your pipeline and for each stage, you can see two values: the total deal value and the weighted revenue.

Inperium Sell helps you estimate the revenue you are likely to generate and assess your sales progress early on. The weighted revenue predicts how much worth the deals are in each pipeline stage. Unlike a total deal value, the weighted revenue takes into account the win probability for each deal. Hence, it enables you to estimate your profits more accurately.

For example, you have two deals. The deal in the first stage has only 50% odds of successful deal closure, so its expected revenue is calculated as “products total” X “50% win probability”. The other deal is in the last stage and is very likely to close as won. Its weighted revenue is calculated as “products total” X “90% win probability”. The expected revenue for a second deal is higher because it’s further along the sales funnel and is more likely to successfully close.

To learn more about the win probability concept, see What is a win probability?

The weighted revenue doesn’t guarantee any actual profits and should be used for reference only.

The weighted revenue