What is wrap-up time?

A wrap-up time is a short break an operator can take between answering calls in a call queue.

If a call queue is busy, operators will typically receive one call after another. Depending on the call distribution method, a new call goes either to the longest idle operator or is assigned in a certain order.

A wrap-up time is an extra time - a couple of minutes, typically - that is joined to a previous call. It is a small pause when an operator finishes a current call and before they can receive a new call. In most cases, operators use this buffer time to finish tasks related to a previous call, make some notes, inquire about additional data, or refresh.

When you set wrap-up time to 5 minutes it doesn’t mean that an operator will receive a new call in 5 minutes. The operator becomes available for receiving calls once the wrap-up break is over but the calls are distributed among operators according to the method you specified.