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How can I see when my trial ends?

You can explore and use Inperium for up to 14 days free of charge. No credit card details are required to start a trial.

How can I see the number of licenses in use?

Your monthly or annual bills depend on the number of enabled user licenses. To save on the costs, keep track of used licenses, and don't pay for those you don't need.

When is my next bill due?

See when you have to pay for Inperium services and find out more about your upcoming bill.

How does Inperium calculate bills?

Our billing model is transparent and we are happy to share details on how we calculate monthly and yearly bills for our clients. If you have questions regarding your Inperium bills, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Can I start a new trial?

You can try out and explore Inperium for 14 days for free. Once the trial period is over you can convert to a paid subscription.

How to update a plan?

Choose the plan that fits your business both in terms of features and price. Switch between the plans, upgrade to more advanced plans, or downgrade whenever necessary.