Configuring an auto-receptionist

Support your call management workflows and configure a digital assistant for your specific case.

To set up a new receptionist, navigate to the Auto-Receptionists page and select Add.


  • Provide a name for your automation.
  • Select one or several phone numbers for your receptionist. All clients calling these numbers will be forwarded to the auto-receptionist.
  • Alternatively, specify the extension. It will be linked to a default company contact number.
  • Assign an operator. This person has access to the auto-receptionist settings and voicemail.
  • Set the operational timezone.

Business hours

Configure your digital assistant behavior during your company work hours. Create simple routing systems or multitier response systems.

  • Specify the business hours as operating 24/7 or configure a schedule. For a set hours schedule, toggle the ‘on duty’ days of the week. For each day, specify the operating hours.
  • Specify a greeting prompt from the Audio library — a short message your clients will hear as they call you.
  • In the Route to section, configure the auto-receptionist logic:
Option Description and additional settings
Auto-receptionist Forwards a call to another automatic receptionist. Specify a receptionist from the list.
Call queue Places a call in a queue. Learn more about [call queues(/talk/call-queues/what-is-a-call-queue).
IVR menu Provides a client with actions. Start with an intro audio prompt, then enable digits, and specify an option for each digit. Finally, configure your auto-receptionist behavior in case a caller selects no action. For more information, see What is an IVR menu?
User Forwards a call to an Inperium user. Specify a user from the list.
Voicemail Forwards a call to the receptionist’s voicemail. Specify an audio prompt from the Audio library. It typically explains that you are being forwarded to voicemail.

Closed hours

The hours outside the specified work hours are considered closed. To ensure the incoming calls are handled correctly, specify the auto-receptionist behavior.