What is a deal?

Inperium Sell stores information about the deals you negotiate. A deal typically includes information about the items the prospect is interested in buying, contact details, and other business-related data.

Deals dashboard

On the Deals page, you’ll see all your deals. They can be displayed as a list .

List view

Or you can switch to a board view . This view is more visual, you’ll see deals on the pipeline and be able to move deals from one stage to another.

Board view

Here you can:

For quick recipes, see the Getting started section.

Depending on your role, you might have limited access to company data.

What is a deal value?

For each deal, Inperium Sell outlines a deal value — literally, how much this deal is worth. It’s often calculated based on products included in the deal itself or in its most relevant quote. You’ll see the deal value next to the deal name almost everywhere in Inperium Sell: on the Deals board, in the Deals section inside a company or contact record, etc. Note that this value isn’t final unless the deal is closed and it changes as you negotiate the terms and send more quotes. Once the deal is won, the deal value is added to your total revenue — check out the dashboard to see how good you’re doing.

What is a weighted revenue?

The weighted revenue value helps estimate the revenue you will generate out of your active deals based on the win probability factor. Typically, it’s lower than the deal value but more relevant in terms of likelihood. Read the following articles to learn more about these concepts: