Inperium Sell

Bring transparency to your process and speed up your sales cycle.


What is the Message Center?

Communicate with your clients and peers right in the app. Inperium Sell unifies channels and helps you reply to customers in one click.

How to connect your mailbox?

Enable synchronization between your mailbox and Inperium Sell to instantly send and receive emails.

How to add snipptes to emails?

Add reusable blocks of text to your emails to reach out to your clients faster and more effictively.

Tracking email activity

For each email you've sent, Inperium Sell Message Center provides you with the tracking information - whether and when the recipient opened your email and how many times clicked on the links.

What are the activities in Inperium Sell?

Plan your time and keep track of our business activities, such as calls and to-do lists with Inperium Sell. Leverage built-in activities or create custom activities that work for you.

How to exclude emails from logging in the Activity timeline?

Hide emails containing sensitive data from the Activity timeline. Inperium Sell enables you to specify mailboxes and email domains and exclude them from logging.