Inperium Sell

Bring transparency to your process and speed up your sales cycle.


Productivity dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see as you log in to Inperium Sell. It helps assess team or personal productivity and track progress.

Reviewing statistics with Reports

Inperium Sell gathers statistics and builds reports to help you measure and estimate your progress.

Tracking current revenue

On the Dashboard, check out the Deals revenue widget to find out the total amount you earned by winning deals.

Monitoring activity

Learn how proactive you are and estimate how much effort it takes to achieve your sales goals. Inperium Sell provides you with statistics on activities: tasks, emails, calls, and meetings.

Measuring sales progress

Review the most important sales metrics — how many new leads were created and deals closed. Inperium Sell enables you to measure sales progress and assess performance.

Identifying sales patterns

See which pipeline is more active and produces more deals. Inperium Sell helps you identify sales patterns and improve your workflows.

Reviewing team performance

Managers can assess team performance and identify leaders — those who created most deals and was the most proactive.

Making revenue forecasts

Regularly appraise the current team revenue and compare it to the target revenue.